Armor · August 31, 2021

Protect Your Body With a Tactic Plate Carrier

Tactical Gear first began to gain popularity after the Korean War in the 1960’s. The US Army and the US Air Force have both used vests and plate carriers for decades and have even begun to use soft armor (or Multi-layer) body armor in the recent years. Tactical Gear is often referred to as a vest, or chinstrap for short. They are made of durable nylon, leather or other comfortable fabrics, and offer a wide selection of accessory pockets and pouches that allow you to carry a variety of different items.

When it comes to designing tactical vests and plate carriers for military or law enforcement use, there are three distinct design elements to keep in mind. First, they should be able to carry heavy loads over long distances without getting worn out. Second, they need to be made out of high quality, rugged material and be made in an ‘interchangeable’ style (so you can switch out different colors, sizes and shapes whenever you like). And third, they need to have a low profile so that other tactical accessories such as lanyards or bungee cords can be worn along with them. Tactical Gear and their plate carriers are designed to last; however, in constant use or combat, the body armor needs to be able to ‘breathe’.

When shopping for tactical gear, it’s important to know your body armor needs and what will work best for you. For starters, there’s a lot of debate over what actually makes a ‘bulletproof vest’ – the manufacturers are constantly changing the criteria for what makes a bulletproof vest (and thus, bulletproof body armor). However, there are three things that are generally accepted as true for most body armor: Kevlar, ceramic (or magnetic) studs, and hard armor steel. For anyone interested in a vest that works as advertised, it’s important to find one that has all of these three features. Then, once you’ve found a vest that you’re comfortable wearing and one that meets your needs, you can start shopping around for the best price and the best selection!