Armor · August 1, 2021

New Line of Body Armor For Police and Military

With the introduction of the M.A.S.S. (Medical Access Systems) braces, manufacturers are now designing and producing a new line of body armor called the tactop plate carrier. This is a small but powerful piece of military tactical gear that mounts on an armored backpack. These carriers are ideal for police, hunters, security personnel, construction workers, and anyone else who carry their own guns. This lightweight carrier will easily fit in the shoulder and pocket of any officer, while providing exceptional protection against any kind of weapon.

Tactical plate carriers were originally designed to be used with military vests and gears. The US Army and the Marines both use them to carry their handguns when on patrol or in a firefight. Although these vests have always been known for being extremely effective in combat, modern day tactical vests are also starting to incorporate plate carriers which provide the same protection without adding the weight of heavy armor plates.

A vest is only useful if it can protect the wearer against object’s impact with the ground. This is why vests with hard armor panels have always been preferred over other forms of bulletproof body armor. However, the addition of this lightweight but incredibly strong plate carrier can make any vest with hard armor panels more useful and user friendly. Plate carriers are similar to hard armor plates in that they are made up of several plates interconnected by a frame.