Armor · August 4, 2021

All About the Tactical Plate Carrier

A tactop plate carrier is a form of protective body armour designed for rapid deployment by many special operations and police forces. They’re frequently used in conjunction with other tactical items including backpack mounted backpacks, gas masks, night vision equipment and M.R.A.R.P. systems. plate carriers are made out of lightweight polymer and feature a hard outer cover made from Kevlar or Spectra. Most of these carriers are used with gas mask and goggles. This article will describe what the different types of plate carriers on the market are, how they function and what you can use them for.

The most common and popular carrier on the market is the tactop plate carrier. This item features a hard armor plate that is designed to be used on M.R.A.R.P.S or modular assault pack frames. It is one of the more successful carriers in terms of providing bullet-resistant armor because it is able to provide armor piercing rounds. This makes it the most effective soft armor option and is the one being used by both police and military units around the world.

Other plate carriers available for sale include hard armor systems that are made out of steel. Although they are not able to provide the same level of protection as the soft versions, their ability to withstand high caliber ammo is very good. Hard armor systems that feature this kind of bullet-proof vests are often made out of heavy-duty polymers to ensure that they will remain strong even after extreme temperatures and weather conditions. These vests are great for use in general conditions where you would want your vest to stay sturdy and durable. The material that is used in making these vests is very hard and extremely durable so that you will not have to worry about having something to tear apart in times of rough use.